Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Rolls

Overhead view of Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Rolls in a white dish next to a plate of rolls.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Rolls are sweet and fluffy, with swirls of Nutella, roasted hazelnuts and caramel sauce. Best of all, they require no yeast and no rising time! So you can have warm and gooey rolls on the table in 40 minutes!




  1. Pre-heat oven to 425F and grease an 8×10 inch oval baking dish (or 10-inch round dish).
  2. In a food processor, combine the 2 cups of flour, sugar, baking powder and salt, and pulse a few times until combined. Add in the cubes of butter and process on high until the mixture is a fine texture. (This will only take about 30 seconds).
  3. Stir the vanilla into the milk, and with the food processor on low speed, slowly pour the milk into the flour/butter mixture and process on low until a sticky dough forms.
  4. Add the remaining 1/4 cup of flour to your work surface, fold out the dough and knead it until the flour is incorporated and the dough becomes a bit firmer and a little less sticky. If the dough is too sticky, just add a little bit more flour.
  5. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough into a large rectangle (about 15 inches long, 10 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick). As you’re doing this, you may need to add more flour to the work surface and the rolling pin to ensure the dough doesn’t stick.
  6. Once rolled out, spread the Nutella onto the surface of the dough and sprinkle on half of the hazelnuts. From the long edge, roll the dough into a log, folding the ends once it’s rolled to ensure the filling does not come out. Cut into 12 even pieces and arrange in a single layer in the prepared dish.
  7. Bake for approximately 20-22 minutes, or until the rolls have risen and expanded, and start to brown on top. Don’t over-bake as they will burn on the bottom.
  8. Remove the rolls from the oven. Pour about half the caramel sauce over the rolls and sprinkle on the remaining hazelnuts. Reserve the remaining caramel sauce to pour on individual rolls before serving.


  1. To crush the hazelnuts, just add them to your food processor and pulse a few times until they are crumbly pieces.
  2. To roast the hazelnuts, spread them out on a baking sheet and roast them on 350F for 5-10 minutes. They will burn quickly, so keep an eye on them, and remove from the oven when they start to brown.

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