Ginger Beer Mimosas

Two Ginger Beer Mimosas in wine glasses on a dark surface, surrounded by pomegranate arils.

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Add some festive flavours to your holiday brunch with these Ginger Beer Mimosas. They’re a spin on traditional mimosas, with freshly squeezed orange juice, vodka, cardamom, ground ginger and ginger beer!




  1. Add the orange juice, vodka, cardamom and ginger to a glass jar with a lid. Shake the mixture until combined. Pour into two champagne flutes or wine glasses, and top off with ginger beer. Add pomegranate arils to garnish. Cheers!


  1. You can use alcoholic or non-alcoholic ginger beer, it just depends on how strong you like your mimosas.
  2. Store-bought orange juice will work in this recipe too. Just try to use one with no-sugar added.
  3. You can leave out the dash of ground ginger if the ginger beer adds enough of a ginger flavour for you.

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